Vehicles, and Modified, rental:

used vehicle conversion, licensing, parts, APE/TukTuk/VWvan/Hvan variation

Camera road vehicles,Bullet resistant driver capsule,non lethal disruptors,
wheelchair taxi/home care/meal delivery/journalism stringer.

6. Solar Jitney

7. Prius as Portable Generator

8. Prius Reduced Battery Motor
1. Camper Shells

2. Window Shades

3. Cameras On Cars,

Bullet Resistant driver capsule in wheelchair etc. transport, and protected security guard
using routine services to finance on the scene conviction camera intervention. Self Policing, Policing the Police.
8 to19k used handicap van, plus bullet resistance mods, radio scanners, cameras.

4. Radios/Internet Wifi On Cars

5. Security-Utility Van

x. The challenge is to create vehicles and trailers so comfortable and useful that you want to live in them even when they are parked next your house.