Solar or any power source super sharer adapter manager for above repeater and hand held, and all your other electronics (call for custom)

Super Headset Hydra Headset

Beofeng Ergonimic Programming for User Types various (xxxxx)

XXa. Cell phone headset to Handheld Radio adapter and sharer with Cellphone/ Static volume reducer with override button and transmit button.
also accepts kenwood/boefeng headseet plugs thru
above product with phone patch thru to radio function, cell headset rj adaptors

XXb. Above product sharing access to radio with Parrot Simplex repeater/Message storage Argent brand.

XXa1. above product with relay adapter for 4pin base station semi-generic operation a la aftermarket mics for marine,ham,cb etc

XXc. above 2 product with voice squelch,

telephone number squelch with compatible units for pseudo cell system

QQa. Adapter to use Uniden Remote mic with other Radios

Movie Motorola’s
Boefengs/Kenwood/etc handhelds
Reverse plugs of above/1012
Mobile/base Stations
other CB
Ham Yaesu

QQb. Headset modified Uniden Remote mic to Cell phone mic

Air Traffic Intel -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
X. Pre Programmed Radio scanners:
Hand held Radio Scanners are pretty crappy products, bad receivers, and programming not very compatible for specific people in business and life safety.
So we make the best of a bad situation with preprogramming geopraphicas programming of air and crime safety programming and business programming,
so that at least you know what you are going to get out of the box before spending 500 odd dollars on a scanner you ordinarily have no idea you will be able to use properly.

Low Altitude Aviation and UAVs in congested airspace
Southern California into 30 sub regions, passes, airports etc
+Regions above with police air to ground added where not encrypted.
+add either commercial air to ground (news media, air ambulance etc)
or police ground to ground.

FLARM, transponder and adsb receiver with proximity mapping of aircraft

Aircraft transceivers for emergency or approved air to ground transmission
CB for legal air to ground comm without preapproval from FAA
obtaining use of assigned VHF or UHF frequencies allocated to air to ground from FCC