SkeleTop Camper Shell

This version of the camper shell is made of steel. Build to order, call for quote
A lite version is made out of aluminum video. Build to order, call for quote

It is a camper shell and a rack
The roof and rack is removable for tall loads
Polycarbonate sides improve rear and side visibility, blinds and drapes available.
200lbs or more of water storage in rack
Perforated metal allows hammock furnishings and lashing of loads

the ceiling has many places to hook into

surfboards for example:

The racks are perforated steel and can be removed with the roof, this photo was during construction so the replaceable roof materiel has not been trimmed yet.

This is a wood based interior that provides under seat/bed storage. Also shown are clothing bags used as blinds.
A purely tension based strap and net system is available to create seating and bedding in a similar fashion and can be stowed into a smaller space and carried with the truck.

Long beams can be carried at the same time as antennas.

Antennas fold back on impact with low structures if you forget to manually fold them back down in anticipation of entering a parking structure, this particular installation is about 6' 4" tall folded down. It has one full 1/4 wave 8 foot CB (the best by far) and two VHF/UHF dual band antennas. TV and wifi antennas are also possible.

motion detecting 5 volt lighting and USB power system, and 12 volt power system for motion detecting SD card recording IR night vision cameras can be mounted around the vehicle and a special model of dashcam that records motion in parking mode has been mounted in the cabin. A 110 shore power receptacle is mounted leading to 110 power outlets in the vehicle and also a 12 volt battery charger and 12 volt power supply.

Rear Door seeks to maximize rear low vision for children etc. by abandoning the lift gate,
which also saves weight, although this is not mandatory.
This is a 3 layer screen /fence and cable door.
Other doors available are:
Clear hinged doors, plus screen door.
Addback clear lift gate of bullet resistant plastic.

Water storage is built into the frame of the shell, with spigots for washing feet at all four corners so you can already be seated in the cabin or bed and wash feet prior to drawing them inward. water also for, drinking, filling the radiator etc.
Showering can be accomplished in a chair with some method of raising the water, a pump or shower bag.

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