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Low Impact Location Shooting, Rentals and Services to accomplish

Los Angeles is an opportunity to rent equipment to the media industries, that can serve as a stepping stone to wider adoption of a technology.

Eco location trailers:
separating toilets
superinsulation, mini trailers


Air traffic tower
Site security
radio systems

1. Vehicles, Modifications

A.D.-D.J. , assistant director disk jockey with:
2. Radios, scanners and security cameras

3. Drones UAVs, control tower

Focus Chart T shirts and other Production T-shirts, smaller orders cafe press link or big orders with your logo and bespoke shapes.

Hard walled Inexpensive Space Saving Tripod Leg protecting cases

Cheap Florescent Lamps and matching wall spring posts

Portable Baby Spot, Compact, Affordable and Multi Use.

Foot Switchable Plug Strips
Power Warts pluggable in all plugs, Half of plugs foot Switchable, Surge Protection replaceable MOVs included,

Crew Heath, Toe Fu!, take ur boots off and bathe in alcohol formula to prevent Athlete's Foot.

Grey Fabric Dye to make white shirts less white on Video and film

Space Saver Desk for production offices, editing etc.

Set Wall and Mattress Dolly
handy for 4 x 8's too..

High Hat Tripod goes low as tripods go, stable, bogen bowls